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UK Dispatch is a London based courier service, founded by two best friends from two different parts of London. Both worked as couriers for who are now the competition.
They formed UK Dispatch with the vision of creating a service that was different & better than the competition to better serve the customer.

UK Dispatch uses cutting edge software & algorithms to provide the ultimate experience for customers. The founders constructed and worked very close with a tech team of computer scientists to create unrivalled machine learning software.

UK Dispatch use customer data sets to provide a bespoke service unique only to the (you) the customer.

The technology is tied into the Waze and google maps network and can provide us real time data which is used to position our couriers at locations around London which best serve the customer.

We appreciate in London there are many established courier companies for example Addison lee, city sprint, absolutely courier, glh, gophr & shiply. However below are just a few reasons to why we are different,

1- Being a part of the mapping network UK Dispatch can predict where congestion in London could affect the service, and to counter, the technology notifies the couriers where to reposition to avoid London traffic.
2- The technology will identify Eco friendly routes, cutting down on emissions, journey time & costs.
3- The machine leaning element will over time predict when a customer is likely to book by analysing patterns of behaviour.
4- Customers have access to real time tracking on parcels & couriers via our booking interface.

Same Day Delivery

Parcel delivery London can be items needing to be collected and delivered within the hour, with our Same day delivery service you can guarantee an express courier London will deliver with the most efficiency.

Support 24/7

If you have a query relating to your booking A member of Customer Service is always on hand to help with any query you have.

Guaranteed delivery

Guarantee parcel courier London delivery, this our promise to all customers that sending items with us. If we cannot deliver you do not pay..