UK Dispatch Launches


UK Dispatch Launches the 'Uber' of Courier Services

UK Dispatch are a courier service provider offering same-day, next-day and international delivery services. We are an express courier based in London, delivering urgent goods efficiently. Best known for our quality and high level of professionalism, UK Dispatch offers a flexible and fast way to send urgent goods. Our same-day delivery courier service has now launched an app that allows our customers to choose flexible options and get everything they need from pick-up to drop-off in one place. 

The UK Dispatch app allows customers to access their services easily and efficiently. “Booking an urgent delivery has been made easier and more efficient with our Uber-like platform. Customers can book a courier, select the vehicle they want and access all they need in one place."

In addition to fast delivery, the app also gives customers an opportunity to choose the vehicle that will deliver their parcel. With this option, a customer can select an environmentally friendly vehicle. “At a time when the effects of global warming and climate change are at their highest, we are providing our customers with an option where they can reduce their carbon footprint”  and are “committed to reaching zero net emission within a reasonably short period.” 

The UK Dispatch parcel delivery app provides our customers with everything they need in one place. Customers can track their delivery, view their orders, and access their contact and payment details with ease. The app also comes with an interactive map where customers can choose their pick-up and drop-off points, inform the courier service on the type of the parcel being sent and obtain real-time tracking of the parcel. Payments are also made hassle-free and secure through credit or debit cards. 

The UK Dispatch-Trusted Courier app is available on both the App and Google Play store. For more information visit