What is a courier se


What is a courier service?

What is a courier service?

A courier service is a service that allows someone to send a parcel, consignment or document from one location to another. Couriers can be booked online and paid for the same way also.

The sending customers have the option to have their parcels collected by a courier or to drop their parcel off at a nearby location to be picked up later by the courier.

A same day courier will always collect the paying customers parcel and deliver directly to the delivery destination.

What are courier services useful for?

Courier services are known for their ability to adapt to speed and urgency. The tracking capabilities when compared with national mailing services is unparalleled.

Courier services are very useful for entrepreneurs that sell products online and need a shipping solution for sending multiple orders to customers. Online marketplace sellers such as eBay, Etsy and Amazon, to established national and international online businesses.

Many large-scale ecommerce businesses will arrange to have a dedicated courier for their deliveries. By arranging a contract with a courier, businesses can get bulk discounts.

How many courier services can I choose from?

At UK Dispatch, you can choose from a selection of different couriers to find a price that best suits you.

The most popular courier services in the UK’s that we work with include:

The couriers we work with will offer both national and international shipping services. International deliveries often require the service to be concatenated between two or three different courier services in order to complete the shipment.

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