What is the best cou


What is the best courier service?

How many parcels do you send every day?

If you are only sending a couple of parcels a week, then you are best suited to using a carrier directly. However if you are sending multiple parcels on a regular basis (i.e. anywhere between 1 or more a day), locally, Europe or internationally, from your eBay or Amazon store or even an online store. UK Dispatch is the carrier to use, we allow customers to purchase the exact service needed and customers can arrange for us to collect or delivery from any address.

There are four factors you should take in to consideration:

– Price – Do you need a premium service, for a faster and more comprehensive delivery, such as an Express service through an aggregator?
– Reputation/Reliability – Parcel carriers vary in reputation, and online feedback is usually the best indicator for this.
– Speed – How long are your customers happy to wait?
– Scale – Generally, due to economies of scale, larger postal organisations offer cheaper rates, however there are exceptions.

Which courier service is cheapest for small businesses?

For UK businesses, Yodel and UK Mail often prove to be cheapest for UK to UK parcel deliveries, however while their core competency lies within UK delivery, carriers such as DHL offer more competitive international rates.

Which courier service has the best reputation?

Trustpilot is a great place to initially benchmark a service.

Having a look at what a series of different individuals think about a carriers overall service is a great opportunity.

This gives you more information to make more of an informed decision.

Do not always look as the bad comments that are one of few as a complete negative, not every service is perfect and very few have bad experiences.

Which courier service can deliver the fastest?

The fastest way to get a parcel from your A to B would be to use a same day courier, however this would not be a cost effective solution for a business wanting to generate a decent profit.

UK Mail, Hermes and Yodel offer next day delivery services with collections at 9am, 1030am, 12pm or next day. DHL have an excellent reputation for international delivery, with delivery times ranging from next day, to a 7-10 working day delivery.

Does bigger always mean cheaper?

Larger carriers generally offer cheaper rates due to economies of scale. However, rates are generally very similar across the board. Using a parcel broker gives businesses access to much cheaper rates than buying direct from a mainstream carrier.

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